Born in Kiev, Ukraine, USSR, after graduating the Shipbuilding Institute, Faina relocated to Lithuania, where she was employed in the shipbuilding industry for 20 years. She then moved to Israel where she has lived for the past 25 years and works in networking. Interests: “Love for Israel”, produced “DMB” and “Arya” directed by Roman Kachanov. Established a fund, “Long Way to Israel ….” to create a series of documentaries about the real fate of the historical Jewish sources and stories of living people. The films are concerning madly brave, daring and exciting people. Welcomes everyone to take part. The first film of the series “Kantonistov” is dedicated to her grandfather, Ben Balk, who as a boy dreamed of a happy life for the Jewish people living in their own country of Israel.



Yuval was born in Israel, serving for 3 years in the military. At the turn of the 20th century his Jewish Russian ancestors immigrated to Iran. Yuval’s parents returned where they could freely practice Judaism, and fought as freedom fighters to help Israel gain its sovereignty in 1948. Yuval Levi graduated Jerusalem Hebrew University with a degree in Economics and Political Science, and then graduated Sharey Mishpat Institute School of Law. In his professional career, he relocated to Russia and managed National project targeted in introducing Israeli agricultural techniques to the country’s rural regions. Presently, Yuval lives in his home town of Kfar Saba, Israel , involved in international business projects. He volunteers time in Public life and in the education of children of immigrants who have returned to Israel about their history, their land, nation and army.



Born in the former Soviet Union in Tashkent, Arsen immigrated to the United States in 1993. From entertainment & event coordination, including promotion and public relations, Arsen’s professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit were immediately recognized…. Living live in Russia and over twenty years in United States giving me keen inside on west separation on tolerance and acceptance on variance cultures that make up a society. I was 18 years old when I first moved with my family to the United States and over the next 20 years watched how the acceptance and understanding of different cultures evolved over that time. when I first arrived here was great racial tensions between the blacks Latin Americans and the white races. there was also terrible prejudice of the LGBT groups. over my 20 years time in the United States, I’ve seen growth of scene change, I seen people begin to embrace different cultures different people, I seen America lacked an African-American president and I seen thousands of brave people come out of the closet as it were, even celebrities athletes and politicians. Little more than a year ago, I returned to Russia and took residence in Moscow. Coming from the entertainment field, I relocated there to initiate and run special projects. To my surprise, I found a Russia that is exactly the same intolerance and misunderstanding from the day I left back in 1993. Things that were normal to me before I left where now shocking. It was hard for me to even understand the close minded opinions anger and hatred Isaw exhibited on a daily basis. Then I came across project, and my first thought naturally was surprise how the Jewish people had been brave, fierce soldiers in Russia for long periods of time throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. At the beginning of the Israeli defense force had come from Russian descendents Cantonist soldiers, the Jews were actually great patriots in Russian history. Yet the persecution and violence continues. I came to the realization that Russia was unaware of these contributions, and as a matter fact, most of the materials I found are unknown throughout the world. As one of producer of the Century soldiers historical trilogy, it surprised me the relative obscurity of awareness of this period in Russian history. Very rarely do filmmakers have the opportunity to not only expose atrocities that took place in the past, but use this history to affect change in modern-day. In the 19th century the Russian czars created a program to eradicate the Jewish faith throughout the Empire. Today, Russia remains one of the most anti-Semitic regions on the face of the earth. The origins can be associated the Russian force conversion or sterilization program enacted by czar Nicholas the first. To this day, the people Russia are unaware of why they hate of why they persecute and of why they refuse to interact in society with an entire race of people. It is my hope that these works will be spread throughout the world, as a voice for the fallen, and as a beacon to implore the relations between the two most prominent groups in the entire country to come together, to live is one, and act in a means to save Russia from itself.